Whats in a Name

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Pearl Harbor
SHIVELY, Benjamin Franklin F1c USN Michigan USS ARIZONA

Shively, Benjamin Franklin (1857-1916) Senator from illinois Died in Office

Civil War				 
Sgt. Alfred Shively; killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863. Civil War

JACK SHIVELY;MC;LCPL;2/14/1943;12/18/1965;0;KANSAS CITY
Marine who lost his life in Vietnam

O.J Simpson
Jill Shively
witnesses a near accident involving Bronco -- she identifies
O.J. Simpson as the driver -- and an unidentified third car -- this places
Simpson, and the Bronco, near the Bundy murder scene.
Because Shively was paid for an interview which aired after she gave her grand jury testimony,
Marcia Clark branded her a liar and withdrew the Shively testimony.

Versailles Peace Conference

Earl "Pop" Shively
was born in McArthur, Ohio
on February 9, 1893, to Henry and Alice Hastings Shively. He
entered Ohio University at the age of 16, and received his degree
in 1921. A veteran of World War I, Captain Shively served as an
interpreter at the Versailles Peace Conference


Richard R. Shively (M.S. '57, Ph.D. '63) has been elected a Fellow
of the IEEE for "contributions to the design and application of programmable,
real-time, and parallel signal processors." Shively is employed by AT&T
Bell Laboratories. co-inventor of the Binary tree multiprocessor Patent Number 4910669
Reconfigurable signal processor Patent Number 5020059

Annie Potts: 1952 (is 51 in 2003, 52 in 2004)
TV/Movie Actress, Cartoon Voicist, Designing Women's Mary Jo Shively, Love and War's Dana Palladino, Toy Story's Bo Peep, Dangerous Minds (TV)
Scott Bakula  appeared in four episodes of Designing Women as Dr.Ted Shively Mary Jo's charming but sleazy ex husband
Bill Shively  Executive Producer of  THE REAL CANCUN  (mtv real worldesq sexploitation movie 2002)


1894 - John S. (Shively) Knight (Pulitzer Prize-winning [Editor’s Notebook: 1968] reporter, editor: The Akron Beacon Journal; publisher: Knight- Ridder newspaper empire; died June 16, 1981)

George Shively, late editor-in-chief, Doubleday Publishing

Charley Shively. San Francisco, CA (gay author )
Calamus lovers: Walt Whitman's working class camerados / Charley Shively. San Francisco, CA: Gay Sunshine Press, 1987.
Drum beats: Walt Whitman's Civil War boy lovers / Charley Shively. San Francisco, CA: Gay Sunshine Press, 1989.

Horse Racing
Bion Shively
Rodney  was trained and driven by Bion Shively
He started 67 times and won 47 times. He was undefeated "Horse of the Year" in 1948
The all time leading sire of $100,000 trotting winners and the leading money winning trotting sire for five straight years is dead. Rodney 1:57.2, one of the sport's all time greats as a race horse and sire, died at Walnut Hall Stud on February 28, 1963.

  BATMAN #101
August 1956
Cover: Batman throwing away his cape and cowl as Robin watches
               "The Six Strangest Sleuths"
                      Feature Characters
                    Batman and Robin
                    Supporting Character
Commissioner Gordon (next appearance in Detective Comics #234)
Jay Jandron, Vern Shively and other crooks (first and only appearance for all to date)               


The U.S. Mail
John Shively, first postmaster in the West. Ca. 1880



Shively, KY

Population 2000: 15,157
Metro area: Louisville
Latitude: 38.2N
Longitude: -85.822W
Time zone: Eastern Daylight Saving  
Named for Jacob and Christian William Shively, settlers

Cop Killer
In 1995, Stephen Shively was charged with capital murder in the killing of a Topeka policeman. Although emotions were high because of the death of a law enforcement officer, the judge ruled that premeditation did not exist, so Shively was bound over on a charge of intentional second degree murder.

Human and pet therapist
Liz Shively was playing soccer in Olmos Park when she saw a female golden retriever puppy on the sidelines looking lonely and lost.

"The dog was about 9 weeks old and didn't have identification of any kind," Shively recalls. "I couldn't just leave her there after the game was over, so I took her home."

snip -Shively christened her new pet Morgan and the two became inseparable.

That's how, more than a decade ago, Shively and Morgan got involved with the Delta Society
Today the program is called Thera- PAWS

Babylon 5

Debby Shively (Aide)  
episode: Hunter, Prey

Pioneers ( the Oregon trail )

Shively, J.M. author "Route and Distances to Oregon and California"  with a Description of Watering-Places, Crossings, Dangerous Indians, . . .. Washington, D.C.: Win. Greer, Printer, 1846.

"When you start over these wide plains, let no one leave dependent on his best friend for any thing, for if you do, you will certainly have a blow-out before you get far." John Shively, 1846

"Let each man and lad be provided with five or six hickory shirts, one or two pair of buckskin pantaloons, a buckskin coat or hunting shirt, two very wide-brimmed hats..." --J.M. Shively, 1846



Mixed Drinks

The Evan

The magic proportions for cocktails is two-one-one. Two strong, one sweet, one sour. The Evan uses these mystic proportions to being you something truly refreshing and inspiring. Two parts citrus vodka (use Absolut Citron if you don't want to make your own), one part Cointreau and one part fresh lemon juice. The original recipe called for a splash of cranberry for color. I prefer to leave it out and have a pale, lemon colored drink. Shake the ingredients with ice and serve in a cocktail glass with a lemon twist.

This drink was devised by and named for Evan Shively, a former chef at Enrico's in San Francisco. It comes via the Hotwired Cocktail of the Week page. Try it, you won't regret it.

There are also drinks called Brazen Hussey and Balalaika. These are made by varying the proportions of Cointreau and lemon juice.