Moses Shively was born between 1825 - 1835 in Union,Pennsylvania.Probably Hartley township
He was the oldest son of Elizabeth (Shively) Valentine and an unknown male in Union/Lewis PA.

Not much was passed down about Moses Shively.
There is a family story that claims that Moses fell of a horse and died around 1877 but I haven't found any documented proof of that yet I have found evidence that shines quite a bit of doubt to that claim.

(1) 2Arthur Geiger Black, comp., Descendants of Christian Shively of Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co. and later York Twp., York Co., Penna. (Kansas City, MO: Arthur G. Black 1941), pg. 28, 288, Daughters of the American Revolution Library, LC microfilm: 86/5260. Photocopy in possession of MDGeorgeson. "Moses Shively, Oliver Twp., Mifflin Co., Pa., eldest son of Elizabeth Shively, (now Elizabeth Valentine) and grandson of John Shively, late of Hartley Twp., (now Lewis Twp.), Union Co., Pa. Ackl: Mifflin Co., Pa."  Click Here

 (2) Union County Probate Book, at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Book C, pg. 43. John Shively, of Hartley  Twp., Union, Pennsylvania. "Grandson Moses, son of my daughter Elizabeth." probated 17 Dec 1862 Click Here

(3) In a1877 Moses is listed on a Land map as M.Shively

(4)  All Occurances of Moses Shively in the Oliver Township area census from 1860-1900

1860 census of Oliver twp, P. O. McVeytown, Mifflin Co. image or pg 276
Also below is Nancy Sellers Elisabeth Shively's Sister

1870 census Oliver Twp page 31
Shively Moses age 35
Shively Mary Age 12

1880 Oliver Twp. page 15
With wife Elisabeth and daughter Mary

1900 Oliver Twp. page 6

(4) 1878 Oliver Twp. Contested Election of Curtis vs. Yocum
List of votes of Oliver Township,Mifflin County, PA

(5) 1884 McVeytown Presbyterian Church Roll of Members - 1848-1905
Shively, Moses  3/1/1884     Shively, Mary A  3/1/1884 Click Here

(6)1895   Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Presbytery of Huntingdon DECEMBER 1, 209
Moses Shively and daughter, Mary Click Here

My theory
I can't explain why the ages of Moses seem to get wierd while Mary's age stays relatively close; for instance in the 1900 census
Moses is written down as being 96 and Mary is written down as being 36 listed as father and daughter
for these dates to be correct Moses would have fathered Mary at the age of 60( Moses is somewhere between 65 - 75 and Mary should be 40-41).
I believe this is either because they lied to the census taker or the census taker wrote the dates down incorrectly.
It is not that far fetched to believe that Moses didn't lie to the census takers quite often by the ages on the 4 census records that I have found.
Another crazy thing about this is that in the 1900 census his wife Elisabeth is in Granville Twp, Mifflin Co,PA
and listed as Widowed and Moses is in Oliver Twp. listed as Widowed as well.

Elisabeth died 4,30,1908 and Mary lived until at least 1920 where she is staying with the Stines and had been since at least 1910

1920 Oliver Twp.

Through all of this only Mary has been the only constant.
I have evidence that she may have been slow because I found her listed on the
Supplemental Schedules,Nos.1 to 7, for the Defective,Dependant,and Delinquent Classes. (July 19, 1880)
Where it says that she suffered from Dementia for either 2 or 21 days with 9 attacks she spent 2 years in an asylum and was released in 1869
it also states that she is an epileptic and stayed at an Almshouse.

I can't help but wonder if there was a falling out between Moses and Elisabeth.
I have an old letter written by Elisabeth from Sept 4, 1889 written to her two sons who lived in Osage,Kansas where she comments about
"the old homestead is a going to be sold in the spring" Link to first half of letter
                                                                                 Link to second half of letter

If Moses didn't die in 1877 by falling off of a horse and no family artifacts were passsed down from him and he is not buried with Elisabeth then what happened?

Occurances of the Name Moses Shively in the US Census from 1850-1900